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For optimal muscle growth and fat loss 


Yes, you can build muscles and burn fat at the same time

With the carefully selected exercises and right nutritional plan, Nash Jocic will show you how to melt your unwanted body fat and increase muscle size that will help you build the body you always wanted. With the diet and training secrets revealed in this book, you will finally be able to build a lean defined physique without having to worry about getting leaner once you “bulk up”.


For all those people who can’t stand hours and hours of so called “cardio” exercise in order to burn unwanted body fat, the great news is: you don’t have to do a second of “cardio” in order to get in the best shape of your life and stay in it!


As Nash explains in this book, pedalling or jogging for hours expecting to burn fat is not just ineffective and a waste of time but also counterproductive for fat loss. There is a much better way of doing it, and he explains in detail how to.


And when it comes to the diet, you will never again have to count calories and measure everything in grams and minutes. Your diet will be so relaxing and effective that you will not have to think about when and how much to eat, but rather eat as much as you want and whenever you feel hungry! No more energy ups and downs, no cravings and no starving!


Topics covered in this book:

  • How to burn fat and build muscles at the same time
  • Fat-burning muscle-building diet
  • Food that will make you lean and strong
  • No more counting calories and measuring food amounts
  • Intensity: A key factor for fat loss
  • Most effective exercises for fat loss and muscle building
  • Training systems for beginners, intermediates and advanced
  • Why is cardio inefficient when it comes to long term fat loss
  • How to tune your body into the fat burning machine
  • Cause the right hormonal response in order to burn fat and build muscles
  • Easy to follow lifelong sustainable diet and training systems

Burn Fat Build Muscle E-Book

  • This download file is in PDF Format

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