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If any of these weight loss questions apply to you, then my fat burning books are for you and are sure to change your life for ever.


  • Are you trying to lose fat?
  • How many times have you tried to lose fat in the past without success?
  • Fed up of trying different diets and ‘aerobic’ exercises and still out of shape?
  • Did the weight pile on after losing a few pounds on a low calorie diet and exclusively ‘cardio’ exercise program?
  • Do you believe that, after everything you have tried, you can’t lose fat and will stay the same for the rest of your life?
  • Do you wonder why you are losing weight but not fat around your hips and legs?
  • On a new diet promising huge weight loss in record time?
  • Still running daily but can’t get rid of the fat around your waist?
  • Do you believe that ‘cardio’ only exercise will help you lose fat?
  • Trying hard but still can’t achieve the fi gure you always wanted?
  • Ever thought weight loss irrelevant, while fat loss is the only thing that matters?
  • Never thought that weight training can offer you fat loss like never before?

“Effective exercise and healthy eating are only tools to use while driven by knowledge, motivation and strong dedication.”- Nash Jocic


Why buy these Fat Burning Books

NASH JOCIC is one of the most successful fitness experts in the world. His experience and in-depth knowledge on healthy lifestyle, fitness training and nutrition comes from 30 years’ in professional sport, lifestyle coaching, fitness and nutrition consultancy, and personal training.

These weight loss books contain Nash’s unique and superior fat loss approach through positive mental attitude, healthy eating and effective exercise – a perfect formula for everyone who wants to lose fat and stay lean permanently.

Fat Burning and Weight Loss Book

SKU: 0006

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