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These healthy eating books will give you understanding of the importance of nutrition in a healthy lifestyle and its impact on the quality of overall performance.


Knowing exactly what type of food to eat, how much and in what combination will have profound effect on your energy level, fat loss, tissue repair, muscle growth and overall health.


If you're looking for sports nutrition books then this is the one for you and will give you the knowledge to make the right nutritional choices


Questions Answered by this Healthy Eating Book Include:

  • Do you think that you eat healthy?
  • Does food that you eat make you tiered and sluggish?
  • You retain a lot of water but don't know why?
  • Tried every single diet on the market but still not happy with your shape?
  • Do you eat enough raw vegetables and fruit?
  • Still believe that carbohydrates are the most important macronutrient?
  • How much do you know about the importance of protein in maintaining good health?
  • Do you regard all the fats as the evil that should be completely avoided?
  • Does you diet provides you with enough minerals and vitamins on a daily basis?


Subjects Covered by this Sports Nutrition Book Include:

  • Lose body fat permanently
  • Achieve maximum physical performance
  • Food and chronic diseases
  • Enzymes and health
  • Power of protein
  • Perfect food combination
  • Food to avoid
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Perfect diet

Sports Nutrition and Healthy Eating E-Book

  • This download file is in PDF Format

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