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HEAT pre-workout is scientifically developed to provide a high intensity boost of power, strength and concentration. All the ingredients have been chosen to work synergistically for greater effect. The key inclusion of beta-alanine can help to enhance strength and power gains by boosting carnosine levels for greater power during workouts. As a result of a high concetration of powerful ingredients HEAT stands out as the most powerful pre-workout on the market.


This advanced formula contains:


– Caffeine

– Beta-Alanine

– Alpha-Keto-Glutarate

– Taurine

– Creatine Monohydrate

– Niacine

– D-Aspartic Acid

– Citruline Malate


Suggested Use: Mix 15g with 150ml of water and consume 20 minutes before your workout.

Pre-Workout HEAT (500g - 33 servings)

  • Nutritional Analysis Per Serving Per 100g
    Energy  197kj  1315kj
      47kcals  314kcals
    Fat 0g 0g
    of which saturates 0g 0g
    Carbohydrates 4.5g 48g
    of which sugars 0.3g 2g
    Protein 7g  48g
    Salt 10mg  71mg


    Other Nutrients: Per Serving Per 100g
    Citruline Malate 2g 13.35g
    Beta Alanine 2g 13.35g
    Alpha-Keto-Glutarate 2g 13.35g
    Creatine Monohydrate 2g 13.35g
    Taurine 1g 6.7g
    D-Aspartic Acid 400mg 2.65g
    Caffiene 202mg 1.35g
    Niacine 30mg 200mg



    Other Ingredients

    Citruline Malate, Beta Alanine, Alpha-Keto Glutarate, Taurine, Creatine Monohydrate, Caffeine, Niacine. Flavourings, Colourings, Stabilisers, Sweetener: Sucralose..

    Allergen Warning: For allergens see ingredients in bold. May also contain: nuts, milk, gluten, egg, soya and peanuts.

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