This full body workout routine DVD will help you to get your whole body in shape like never before! A four-day training system is created to give equal attention to every muscle group. Training every muscle once per week with three days off will allow you to increase muscle size and burn fat in record time.


The perfect combination of exercises and total body workout that you will get in this video will allow you to develop your body proportionately, without neglecting any muscle group.


Nash's rich and extensive experience in the field of professional sport, personal training and nutrition will finally help you overcome any limitations and provide you with the solutions to achieve the best shape.


Covered in the Full Body Workout Routine DVD


This full body workout routine DVD will guide you through the most effective training techniques. It will help you understand the basics of resistance training, the only type of training that will get you in the best shape of your life.


Not only will it show you how to exercise correctly, but this video will also keep you motivated throughout your workouts.


Running time: 55 mins

Total Body Workout for MEN