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With 30 years of weight training experience under his belt, strength coaching, personal training, fitness and nutrition consultancy and lifestyle coaching, Nash Jocic is one of the most experienced and successful weight training experts in the world. With 46 bodybuilding competitions and 17 Gold Titles Nash has proved himself his training systems and techniques do bring great results.


His strength training books, advice and methods are second to none, which is why thousands of people from around the world have sought them and benefited immensely. With a unique and superior approach to training and nutrition Nash has created a perfect formula for success.


In his weight training books, Nash has revealed training secrets that have been reserved only for the elite athletes and his clients. You can now find them all in this most detailed and comprehensive Weight Training book ever written. Illustrated with amazing 230 informational and inspirational images this is an A to Z guide of the most effective weight training exercises.


  • Get in shape and be stronger but don't know how?
  • Do you wonder about the right weight training system?
  • Are you training with wrong training technique?
  • Are you doing the right number of sets per session?
  • Are you doing the right number of reps per set for you?
  • Problems developing all the muscle groups equally?
  • Cannot get rid of that body fat around your waist?
  • What is over training and how to avoid it?
  • How to avoid sports injuries?
  • Are you highly motivated for every training session?
  • Do you provide your body with right nutrients on a daily basis?
  • How can weight training help in other sports?
  • Growth factors
  • Achieve maximum physical performance
  • Training systems
  • Training techniques
  • Set and reps
  • Exercises
  • Proportionate development
  • Benefits of weight training
  • Weight training and other sports
  • Intensity
  • Sport injuries
  • Overtraining
  • Motivation
  • Nutrition

Weight Training For MEN Book

SKU: 0005

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